New: Genuine Remanufactured Calipers SN7 and SN6 for trucks, busses and trailers

Safe and reliable transit with trailers in their “prime”

We believe that older trailers with high mileage have earned premium quality replacement parts.
Our Genuine Remanufactured brake caliper units for SN6 and SK7 trailer disc brakes are the optimal solution for repairing older trailers at fair market value:
Top quality that is both cost effective and sustainable, with a 12-month warranty.

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Cost-effective to the very last kilometre

Our Genuine Remanufactured brake caliper units are the optimal service solution for older trailers with a limited remaining lifespan.
Cost-effective, remanufactured brake caliper units help you save on repair costs for older vehicles – and remain competitive.

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Safe on every route

Even older trailers are expected to achieve maximum performance every single day.
With our Genuine Remanufactured brake caliper units, there is no need to compromise safety and performance.
You can rely on the uncompromising quality of Knorr-Bremse with our remanufactured brake caliper units.
They keep trailers in good condition well into their “prime” - and keep drivers safe on the roads at all times.

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Back on the road in no time

In the daily “battle” of the roads, every kilometre is worth its weight in gold.
That is why we do everything we can to get vehicles back in service as quickly as possible - even in worst-case scenarios:
Get replacement parts for older trucks and trailers to your local workshop in no time with our established sales network.
Thanks to intensive technical training programmes from Knorr-Bremse, we are able to provide seamless service.
We reduce downtime to a minimum – whilst saving costs for vehicle owners!

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More sustainable than ever before

In comparison to manufacturing new products, remanufacturing our brake calipers allows us to reduce CO2 emissions by 73%.
That is not only beneficial to the environment, but also to your balance of sustainability.

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A promise for life

We are convinced that trucks and trailers belong on the road. Because that is exactly what they were made for:
high performance under challenging conditions - a life in motion.
It doesn't matter how many kilometres a vehicle has already travelled: you expect maximum performance, short downtimes and safe conditions at all times.
We provide you with everything you need to get the most out of your vehicle throughout its entire life cycle,
so your drivers and fleet owners can rely on your trucks or trailers, no matter how old the vehicles are.
We recommend our rationalised brake caliper units for trailers of any age and our new Genuine Remanufactured brake caliper units for trailers with a limited remaining lifespan.
This allows every vehicle to stay on the road for a long time – consistently efficient and completely focused on safety.

Genuine Remanufacturing in detail

The best choice for your trailer's second life

Genuine Remanufacturing is more than just a simple repair job.
During our specially developed Genuine Remanufacturing process, our brake caliper units are completely disassembled,
worn parts are replaced, and all of the remaining individual components are technically cleaned, tested and remanufactured according to Knorr-Bremse expert quality standards and guidelines.
They are reassembled on the same production lines as OE new parts.
Our remanufactured brake caliper units are especially cost effective as they allow us to install fewer new parts.
Needless to say, the functionality of our remanufactured brake caliper units matches the quality you have come to expect
from our new products, only with a shorter service life as we work with used components.

You receive a 12-month guarantee on our Genuine Remanufactured brake caliper units!
 Knorr-Bremse Rationalized CaliperKnorr-Bremse Genuine Remanufactured Caliper
WarrantyExtended 24-month warranty12-month warranty (standard IAM warranty)
Production timeAs knownAdditional 2 weeks as known from Service new
TechnologyLatest OE standardsConforms as closely as possible to latest OE standard, using genuine remanufactured components
Life expectancyAs per new OE productsShorter than for new products
Manufacturing processAssembled on the same production lines as new OE products
TestingTested and inspected to the same specifications and standards as new OE products
Quality management systemKnorr-Bremse Quality Management System
Recommended forAll trailer agesValue-based repairs for older trailers
Available product typesThe full Knorr-Bremse product rangeGenuine Remanufactured SN6 und SK7 trailer calipers

Nobody knows our products like we do

Remanufacturing brake caliper units requires real experience, especially when it involves safety-related components.
We have been remanufacturing original parts for over 60 years and have produced and
sold over 30 million disc brakes worldwide in the past 25 years, excelling in quality and reliability.
Who would be more capable of remanufacturing our high-quality original brake caliper units than us?
As an OEM, we know all the necessary parameters and specifications: we alone have access to all of the vehicle manufacturer
requirements, tolerance ranges, specifications, component design and revision levels as well as the original replacement
parts necessary for high-quality and reliable Genuine Remanufacturing.

Your advantages at a glance

Our Genuine Remanufacturing process

State-of-the-art remanufacturing from the market leader

Remanufacturing is industrial reconditioning and is the highest form of recycling.
To us, Genuine Remanufacturing means focusing all the know-how, experience and knowledge we have gained in the production of original parts into our own remanufacturing process that meets our high standards of quality.
As a result, we have expanded and concentrated our capacities in a new 9,000 m2 production hall in Liberec, Czech Republic.
We have based our entire remanufacturing process on comprehensive testing, field trials and various studies specially designed for the brake caliper units in our trailer disc brakes.
This means that the reassembly, final assembly and testing of the Genuine Remanufactured brake caliper units are reassembled on the same production lines as OE new parts, in Aldersbach, Germany.

The process at a glance


Be on the safe side - contact us!

Put your trust in safety and our Genuine Remanufactured brake caliper units and give your older trailers a "second life". Because only a Knorr-Bremse remanufactured product is an original.
We would be happy to advise you on our Genuine Remanufactured products for older vehicles:

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