Truck RCB Steering Gear with iHSA Control Module

Truck Recirculating Ball Steering with iHSA Control Module

The iHSA technology patented by tedrive can of course also be modularly integrated into tedrive recirculating ball steering systems. The results are convincing in terms of driving dynamics, comfort and safety, as the iHSA control module incorporates an active lane departure warning system, amongst other benefits, with the aim of reducing serious accidents. Through the torque overlay of the iHSA it is now possible for trucks and buses to be steered independently of the driver and – in addition to the active lane departure warning system – fitted with a manoeuvring aid, side wind compensation, automated bus stop approach and many other support functions.


  • optimized packaging with higher power density
  • variable ratio
  • scalable module solution provides high degree of flexibility for CV manufacturers
  • significantly reduces accident risk and facilitates all comfort and safety functions


Truck Recirculating Ball Steering with iHSA Control Module