Air Treatment

The compressed air produced by the compressor must be dried and cleaned before being distributed up to seven different brake and subsidiary circuits. These circuits must be filled with up to three different pressure levels and secured against each other in order to fulfil reliably the highest safety demands in traffic.

Air Drying

Here, Knorr-Bremse offers the air drying filter cartridge, which reliably dries the required compressed air. This preparation is necessary to protect the entire pneumatic system from freezing and internal corrosion and thereby ensures its efficient operation and increases the overall life of the system.

Oil Separation plus Air Drying (Oil Separator Cartridge - OSC)

In order to increase the life of the brake system, Knorr-Bremse has, in the shape of the OSC, a highly efficient solution for stripping oil in droplet and vapour form from the compressed air before the air is dried. As a result, especially the seals fitted in all the different valves are protected and their lifespan significantly increased.

Conventional Air Treatment

The product range, which extends from pressure regulators up to air dryers and multi circuit protection valves, contributes to the functional safety of pneumatic systems. Additionally, we offer the Air Processing Unit (APU), which combines all the functions of an air dryer and a multi circuit protection valve in one device. APU´s are available as a flanged solution or as an extremely compact monobloc version for reduced installation space.

Electronic Air Control EAC with integrated Electronic Parking Brake EPB

Electronic Air Treatment

Since 2004, Knorr-Bremse has been offering the Electronic Air Control EAC. This product combines the pneumatics of decisive functions with intelligent control. Field-proven software and components result in a measurable reduction in the vehicle´s fuel consumption as well as increased safety and comfort.

The fuel saving can be achieved by using engine overrun phases, doing the regeneration process intelligently and by keeping the supply line between the compressor and the EAC closed. In combination with a Knorr-Bremse clutch compressor fuel savings up to 1250 l/a can be achieved.

Integration of the Electronic Parking Brake

Besides the field proven EAC functionality, Knorr-Bremse offers additionally the integration of the electronic or pneumatic parking brake into the EAC. The main advantages for the vehicle manufacturer in terms of the electronic parking brake integration are the reduction of the required installation space in the cabin, flexibility in the dashboard design as well as a reduced mounting effort. The Integration of the electronic park brake into the EAC ensures lowest system costs relative to any other combination of Air Treatment device and pneumatic parking brake.

The end user benefits mainly from the new functionality of the automatic park brake activation and release, as well as from additional safety functions.


Electronic Air Control EAC with integrated Electronic Parking Brake EPB